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What the World Won’t Publicly Ackknowledge

This is off topic with what my blog is usually about but I felt a strong desire to share this with my readers.

The persecution of Christians is on the rise however, very few people want to acknowledge it  or seem to care. Acknowledging the persecution of Christians in the middle east and elsewhere, such as North Korea is not defaming other religions. In order to protect the integrity of one religion should we ignore the atrocities done in the name of that religion? Why should this be a touchy subject? Don’t Christian lives matter too?  And if they do why won’t the world acknowledge the blood of Christians that is being spilled across the middle East, Africa, and North  Korea? God Help us.

We are all human regardless of race, religion or gender. We are all made in the image of God. We all have value and we all have the right to live. The wonderful news  is that  no matter what you believe or don’t God still loves you, He still wants you and He accepts you.

I have linked some articles to bring awareness to the plight of Christians globally.