The Pain of Motherhood

I started a new blog focusing on women, image and sexuality. I want to celebrate the multifaceted beauty of women. An image can be more powerful than words at times.

Objectz of Lust

C Section

I am not much of a reader, more of a writer. I saw this image and barely browsed over the long train of words that followed after it. Instead, I was fascinated by the picture. It speaks for itself, “The pain of motherhood”. Her scar is permanent like the permanent string that will forever bind mother and child together for life.

Motherhood is the perfect symbol of strength. Women have the ability to carry a life for nine months as their bodies stretch and become distorted. Then they deliver this new life painfully into the world only to have the responsibility of keeping it alive for a decade, or even two. The breasts her husband once groped are now sacs of milk that provide food and nourishment for her baby. Her body is sprinkled with stretch marks and sometimes her taunt skin becomes loose and saggy. Her vagina, the object…

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