The Weed

I was never treated delicately like a flower, but rather I have always been tossed about, picked at, pulled at and thrown away like a weed. And in harsh environments I thrive. Like the weed I am  neglected, stepped on, forgotten only remembered as a nuisance. I am fun only for a moment but never cherished or treasured like a beautiful flower. Maybe I am admired from afar because at times I have beautiful petals,  and because I am rooted firmly into the ground, but when it is discovered that I am nothing but  a common weed I am despised. And in harsh environments I thrive, in bad relationships, with cruel treatment I thrive and unlike a flower that wilts I stand strong.

This is for women that have been abused  and now struggle with self mutilation, eating disorders, flashbacks, those like myself that suffer with obsessive thinking, and at times lack of control over their emotions. I really feel like a weed, with the suns oppressive heat beating down on me, but still I thrive. I thrive in the harshest of situations, I am scarred, and beaten but I am still alive.

Like the weed destruction is in my path, I suffocate everything around me, I am self-destructive, I am always a blade away from harming not others, but myself,that is the only difference.

Ladies you are triumphant  and strong like the weed you don’t need to be a delicate flower. You can and will flourish especially when things are tough, painful and difficult, and then you will find that you are resilient, and when its all over you would find that you have endured and persevered, relapsing along the way, sometimes maybe, but you are TRIUMPHANT!


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