This Is What Is Really Wrong With Casual Sex

I appreciate the author’s opinion to a point. Casual sex is a choice. Its another side of casual sex, but she fails to cover the grey area. Some of the comments though…..sheesh…

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A few days ago, What’s So Bad About Casual Sex? was published on here. And while everyone is free to have an opinion, I have to say sincerely that article was not a reflection of what casual sex does in its entirety to people, and to society. And yes, while we are all informed by our values, there are some observable facts in society. And indeed when creating an argument, that argument must at least reflect observable facts in society, which I do not believe that article did.

I remember reading a book called The Sexual Revolution a few years ago that discussed it as a twenty-first century mistake. The book, like it or not, laid down some very serious consequences of this societal sexual revolution – some being higher divorce rates, broken homes, single-family homes, the explosion of sexually transmitted infections, and of course the severe increase in abortions…

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4 thoughts on “This Is What Is Really Wrong With Casual Sex”

  1. Okay, no matter how hard I try, for whatever reason when I click on either link to the original article I get a weird message telling me to clear my browser. I even went and found the site, but I cannot find the correct title for the article responding to the stupid guys article (who I will not waste time with commenting on his article because he’s never going to understand) but I wish I could see the comments before I read your article darn it! Can you tell me the original name of the article to which you reposted, so I can find it on that site?

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