I was told that I would be star. I should be a star because I was a cute toy that was fun to play with. My nakedness would shine through the darkness blinding men and they would worship me.  I was told I would be a star and I was encouraged to do porn.I sold sex and I made it look easy because I was a star in their eyes. I was perfection, a woman almost unattainable but within their reach. I don’t want to be a star for men to look at, or play with. I am a star shining for the broken hearted, the sexually abused, the ex prostitute, the promiscuous girl you went to highschool with, the woman that cuts herself, and the woman who starves herself from time to time. I am that voice, and I will tell my story, our story of survival. Being able to tell my story shamelessly and help other women is what makes me a STAR.

Read some of my life story in my book Casual Sex is for the Shallow.


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