The Morning After Sex

In this blog I told the truth in a very raw way because I wanted to emphasize the shallowness of casual sex. With casual sex the man is not compelled to care or empathize with your “physical imperfections” because there is no emotional connection that would make your flaws beautiful in his eyes.He doesn’t care about your insecurities, he only cares for himself. In this piece I ask the questions if you never hear back from any of the guys you have casual sex with what does that say about your worth? Are you lacking something? These are real questions that women ask themselves and I address them in this piece.


That moment when you wake up tangled in foreign sheets in an unfamiliar bed pressed up against a cold wall next to a guy you hardly know, is always awkward. The morning after casualsex is always awkward. Do you stay and wait for him to wake up? Or do you leave without disturbing him? Should you turn the light on to try and find your panties, or do you let him find them so if you haven’t heard from him after a week, then you have a reason to call him? Should you wait a week? Is that too long?

So, you decide to leave without waking him, but he opens one eye lazily, says bye and throws the covers back over his head. What’s even worse than the awkward silence of lying next to a stranger, and trying not move is seeing him a week later…

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