The Difference Between A One Night Stand and Casual Sex

Sleeping Around

Sleeping around is inclusive of a one night stand and casual sex.Unlike casual sex a one night stand lasts only for one night. The expectation behind a one night stand is the hope of never seeing that person again. Casual sex is a sexual relationship without the commitment. With casual sex there is no time limit on how long this type of “ relationship” lasts.

One Night Stand

I have had very few one night stands. With a one night stand  you never have to worry about seeing that person in class,at work or elsewhere. It’s easy not to care when you don’t know the person’s name, or who they are. I would advise against having a one night stand with someone you know, a friend, a coworker, a class mate, or someone you like. One word, AWKWARD. Excuse my callousness, but I could never understand how some women cry over one night stands. Why are they crying over someone they didn’t know? And if that person was a friend or someone close to them what did they expect to come out of one night of sex? That is the harsh reality of the situation, it’s as simple and as black and white.

Casual Sex

Casual sex  is a lot more messy. Casual sex is the grey area between a one night stand and a relationship.There are lots of “strings” to sort through. With casual sex the risks are just as high because, let’s be honest sleeping around is a high risk behavior but with casual sex your feelings are more likely to get hurt. Casual sex is a sexual relationship that is superficially focused and devoid of emotion, that’s in the short the definition of what is but in reality it’s not.With casual it’s easy to be fooled into thinking that this sexually focused relationship has the potential to grow.  A lot more women have the expectation of a commitment with casual sex.

These behaviors should all be done with intent. It is not wise to have sex passively in any situation and its even worse when it is with a stranger, or with someone who does not, and cannot give you the emotional support that you need.

Sleeping around does not just happen,you don’t just fall on some guys’s random dick it is a  conscious choice.


6 thoughts on “The Difference Between A One Night Stand and Casual Sex”

    1. Its true, I was guilty of doing that especially as a teenager, and I’d think to my self how did I end up having sex with this person?? Its not like you can randomly fall on some guys dick? lol haha :).

      1. so true! i am 34 and guilty of this. damn, your blog makes me realize how much i need to get it together. 😕

  1. What an informative piece! I really like how objectively you’ve delineated the “strings” from the physical non-relationship. The piece was reminiscent of a wake-up call in some ways (especially with the last line). Thank you!

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