Sex does not Equal a Relationship: Excerpt from Casual Sex is for the Shallow

“Sex does not equal a relationship. Ladies, I want you to repeat this until you believe and understand that sex does not equal a relationship. Breathe. Take a few more deep breaths and let this true and key piece of information get absorbed into your pretty brain. This is a fact that all men know and understand, but it is a truth that few women are able to accept. Without the emotion, sex is a three letter action word. There is no hidden meaning.

Using sex in hopes of acquiring a relationship rarely ever happens.  If you haven’t defined that there indeed is a relationship, rolling around in bed will not do that. Sex is not the string that will tie the two of you together, nor will it bring him closer to committing to you.  Sex is not the magical dance that turns a friendship into a relationship.”

When  I wrote this I thought of all the young women from teens, to early and mid twenties who have been coerced into sleeping with a guy in hopes that it will bring them closer together.  Or those who listen to advice of friends that sex is the next step that will seal the deal and set the monogamy in motion. I wrote this to silence that voice of expectation and hope some women may hold onto in hopes of using sex to extort a relationship, or bargain their way into a relationship with a man. I want this advice to be the voice of reason when the emotions take over and one cannot think straight. A relationship does not start with casual sex. If a relationship is the object of desire I would recommend getting to know that person on an intellectual and emotional level first.


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