Sluts Go to Heaven Too

I  was stigmatized by most as a “bad” or evil because I was promiscuous, because I, “changed guys like I changed my “underwear”. Even though I believed in Jesus and had professed faith I was told  by some that I was destined to go to hell, even though after every one night stand and sexual encounter I talked about Jesus. I wanted to save these troubled men with sex, and with the love of Jesus.

Apart from my lifestyle I was a relatively good person. I was kind, gentle, forgiving, and most importantly I treated others the way I would want to be treated, but I was still labeled as bad. I was bad because I slept around, having sex outside of marriage made me a horrible a person and having sex with multiple partners sentenced me to the lake of fire.

I was taught that if you have sex with a man before marriage that he will not marry you,and  if you have sex with him before he says he loves you that he won’t love you; chances are if you are having sex with him he is just using you for his own sexual gratification. After dating  my on and off boyfriend for a few  years I was told that  sex was reason why I was not married yet. Every time we had a fight, every time we broke up, I believed that God was punishing me. Because I had slutted it up in my past and with my boyfriend. God was punishing me  by not  making my boyfriend want to marry me.

And now here I am determined to tell other women about the harms of casual sex, but also to tell the overzealous morality police that engaging in casual sex does not make you a bad a person. For all the girls that grew up in a Christian home as I did and were told that once you have sex with a man he is not going to marry you, or love you, I’m here to say that statement is not true. No where in the Bible states that having sex before marriage makes you less lovable, nor does it state that having sex before marriage means you won’t get married. You can be an escort like I was, and it does not make you a bad person, maybe you are making poor choices but it does not make you a terrible person.

For a long time I thought I was destined to go to hell, and to die alone  an unmarried, useless, washed up slut. I thought that if I died on one of my escorting escapades that I would go to hell. I believed that I deserved all the punishment from God and from people but thankfully I was misled. In no way am I an advocate for casual sex but there are worse things I could do, and could have been. Casual sex was not the be it and end all of me, and that is for anyone struggling with any type sexual sin, or morality issue. Being promiscuous did  not make me  cheap or worth any less than the next person, and it did  not mean that I deserved to be punished by men or my parents, or anyone else. By having casual sex I was selling myself  short, and making poor decisions, but that was between me and my God. If I did die prostituting myself way back then I know now that I would go to heaven, that me a self mutilating slut would end up in the comforting arms of my God because He knew  the contents of  my heart.

Note: The only way to heaven is by believing in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ. For more information. If you want to stop sleeping around but you don’t know how to stop, or why you should stop, give Jesus a try.


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