What I Learn’t From Casual Sex

  • Always use a condom– Birth control pills are not enough. Not because the outside of a man’s penis looks normal means he does not have an STD.
  • Plan B is meant as emergency contraception only- I would not recommend using it regularly.
  • Sex is a biological function. A man can have sex with me and not be attracted to me, or not care about me at all. A man interested in casual sex will have sex with any woman who is willing.
  • Casual sex is selfish.
  • Casual sex worked out for me because I was vain and shallow.
  • I am an  object. My self-worth is found only in between my legs. If I cannot have sex I am worthless.
  • Being attractive is the most important thing.
  • Chronic, Habitual Casual Sex was a symptom of  deeper unresolved issues that I had not dealt with and still need to deal with.
  • I’m not in control during casual sex when I am not connected to myself.
  • Sex can only buy me temporary things.

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