Is Casual Sex A Reason Why You Are Single?

Could it be that all the free sex is the reason why you have not had a date in months or maybe even years?

Sex on demand

Men do not need to get married or even date  a woman to gratify themselves sexually anymore. Sex is readily available at the click of a button. It’s at the strip club and on the street corner. Casual sex is even  available on the phone apps.  I remember doing amateur porn on the internet for 4.00 dollars a minute. That’s pretty inexpensive to see a woman’s naked body.  What’s the point of having a girlfriend when you can see, breasts, butt and vagina at your fingertips? Sex is not just happening to his penis it is images, thoughts and fantasies ingrained in his mind. A man can do a lot with one picture. He can also  pretend that the woman or women he has casual sex with is a woman from one of his fantasies, or a woman that he desires to have sex with but can’t.

No Strings Attached

If you think about the concept it makes sense. Why should he commit if he is getting everything that a boyfriend or husband would from  you or someone else? Men and women have two totally different motivations for having sex. Women have sex to get emotion from the man, (not all women) and men give emotion to get sex from  the woman.  So, if he is getting the sex without giving a commitment  why should he commit? If its free with no strings attached why not? No strings does not just affect the women who are engaging in casual sex it affects those who are not.

The Church

Singleness is  rampant in the church as well. Why are there so many single Christian women? I have a slight inclination that some of these single  Christian men are too busy jacking it to porn to care about having a real emotional relationship. Pre marital sex, and casual sex are two things that Christians engage in just like everybody else. I can’t help but recognize that the casual sex epidemic has infiltrated the churches as well.

Who’s to blame?

 If casual sex wasn’t becoming so rampant would  more men  have to take the time to commit to a relationship? Casual sex has a ripple effect. It is affecting marriage, and dating. Men will always win in casual sex, especially if you are using casual sex to extract a relationship from this man. Your vagina is tangible and his emotions are not. He can take back  his soft gentle words of endearment but you cannot take back the sex you just had with him.

When I was young  I used to  say,” I’m having sex with this guy so you don’t have too, I’m doing you a favor.” That’s how I defended my promiscuity (sometimes) back then. I was just saying that to say it at the time, but now as an adult I can see the truth in what I was saying. I understand now, why so many girls back then hated me. Because I offered sex with no strings  the guys I slept with had no reason to have a relationship with any of the other women.  I didn’t want to admit it then, and a part of me still does not want to admit it now, but a main motivator for a man to pursue any type of relationship with a woman is SEX.


Eventually most men want to settle down, but with all this “free sex” it probably will be a lot later. Maybe after they get tired of using their hand to masturbate to porn, or the fake vagina rips to pieces , or  trying to have sex with a different woman every night gets more difficult,or they reach the point when companionship and success is more important than sex. Maybe then all those single men will want to have a relationship with a woman in her entirety.


If you are struggling with being single buy a vibrator and live your life. Casual sex is not worth the risk anyway.

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