Sex as Currency

 Sex in exchange for anything other than something with monetary value is not an even trade. There are women out there that try to purchase love, or affection with sex. Men know that women will give sex to feel loved, or wanted. And often times, women enjoy the intimacy of sex, the closeness they feel to this man that they want to validate them. He is so kind right before sexBut fifteen minutes of what feels like love does not last, and the kindness quickly goes away.

He gets satisfaction before, during, and after sex, and you don’t. What he is doing to you feels like love, but why do silent tears run down your cheeks as your face is smothered in the pillow? Why suffer through unsatisfactory sex and get nothing in return? You get no love, no money, not even an ice pack to soothe your throbbing insides – you are left with nothing. And you wonder why you feel empty?

I do not condone prostitution, but at least the prostitute, or escort has realistic expectations of what to get from a man when she has casual sex with him. She verbalizes what she wants in exchange for sex, unlike the woman who  gives sex to get a relationship but never expresses  that she wants commitment. Sex is not your cash cow for a steady dependable flow of emotions.

When I was younger I dabbled in prostitution. At the time, I was heartbroken and angry.  I just wanted to feel good, and sex didn’t do that for me anymore. I met a pimp who asked why I was sleeping with my ex boyfriend for free? Why was I giving my body to a man who didn’t appreciate it? He said to me, “You’re worth more than that.” He made sense. Having sex with my ex was not going to make him want me any more than he already did, I was just doing it to be close to him. It didn’t feel good anymore, so I figured that the pimp made  sense. I even started getting naked on camera for money.  I can honestly admit that suffering through a painful penis prison while a large hippo rammed me felt worth it when I saw all those hundred dollar bills stacked on the bed. I was getting something for giving something. I didn’t feel like I gave and gave and got nothing in return, which is often what a lot of women feel like when they have casual sex. Sex can only be used as currency to buy tangible things not to buy a person’s love or affection.

Sex is not the price that you have to pay to buy emotions from a man. Sex will not buy you beauty. It will not give you power. And sex will not make him love you, nor will it make you love yourself. As deep as the vagina is love, beauty, and self-worth are not hidden there, and a man’s penis is not the key that will unlock them.

Thankfully, I stopped selling sex, and I found in Jesus a man who could love me knowing my past, knowing that I was a prostitute, knowing that I got naked over the internet for money, knowing that I had been with more men than I could remember, and guess what? This Jesus loved me and wanted me. For the women out there, who are struggling and feel trapped in the lifestyle of prostitution, there is hope. There is life and love after using sex as currency.

2 thoughts on “Sex as Currency”

  1. Thank you for your link to this article. I definitely see how it relates to mine from earlier today! I am glad you found your happiness and a more fulfilling life!

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