The Nasty Truth About Casual Sex

I am going to tell you the stuff about casual sex that no one wants to think about let alone repeat out loud. It is an ugly truth. I am not saying this to scare anyone but it’s time to be honest about the realities of casual sex.

Do not trust the man or men that  you are having casual sex with. That’s a fact  that often gets forgotten during the moment.  Remember to always use protection, and by protection, I mean a condom.

If he is having casual sex with you, he probably is having casual sex with other women too. He isn’t obligated to tell you that four hours ago he had sex with someone else. He had sex with the someone else without a condom, and he didn’t get a chance to take a shower before he hopped into bed with you. We all know the sex ritual: you perform oral sex on this guy whose dirty dick was just in someone else’s vagina and it ended up in your mouth. Gross right?

I forgot to mention that he had oral sex with the someone else and now the bacteria from  the someone else’s vagina  is in your mouth and in your vagina. And to be realistic, lets say that the someone else that he had sex with, is having casual sex with another guy, and the other guy had sex with another woman who gave  him a yeast infection.

The yeast infection circles back to you. Now, try to imagine if this was Herpes, HIV, or something more permanent. Because of one night of casual sex you are stuck with, for the rest of your life, some disgusting, uncomfortable STD.

You have to deal with the gross discharge, the itching, and the odor all on your own. You have to deal with  the anxiety of wondering, “could this be an std?” You have to go to the doctor’s appointment on your own.  You have to lay down with your  legs spread wide open  in the stirrups alone, while a doctor pokes and prods you with cold metal instruments. You have to deal with the STI’s alone.  You have to deal with pregnancy scares, the abortions and paying for the Plan B all alone. Sure no strings sounds fun,maybe? But do you really want to deal with the all of the unnecessary  crap that goes along with it? And if you aren’t worried about contracting an STI,  you should be.

Again, I do not condone casual sex, but if  that’s the path you choose, make sure that you are prepared. Do you want to deal with the stress of worrying about who else’s vagina the guy you are sleeping with has been in? Do you really want a dirty dick? Don’t you think you deserve better than that? Telling your “friend with benefits” that you think he give you an STD now that’s awkward.


5 thoughts on “The Nasty Truth About Casual Sex”

  1. I think people have heard this message about STIs so many times and yet they still have casual sex without protection. What must happen for people to take this warning about STIs seriously?

    1. Usually it takes catching an STI for people to get the warning, but I think when you really think about all the body fluids and stuff spreading around that would make anyone think twice.

  2. Reblogged this on Behind Sex Addiction- My Little Black Diary and commented:
    I love this post for many reasons. I’m a smart girl, I know all about STDs and how they spread, I can list them all along with symptoms and treatments right off the top of my head. And yet, there have been countless times where I have been careless with protection. Sex addiction is a bitch, and after a while doing it and not catching anything, you start feeling invincible, like STDs can only happen to other people. And sex without protection just feels better, and you just want to feel better.
    Thankfully I have been lucky, very very lucky, and I’m glad I haven’t been on that self-destructive path for a while now.

  3. Casual sex with protection is still disgusting. Condoms can only catch so much. Bodily fluids spread to other uncovered areas of the genitals and disease can spread from there.

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