Does size matter to women when it comes to casual sex?

Society puts a lot of emphasis on women to look a certain way especially when it comes to engaging in casual sex. We women have to be shaved, plucked, waxed, tanned, and toned. There is no room for imperfections. If we have noticeable imperfections we get talked about relentlessly, or we never hear from that person again. Enough of the pressure only being placed on us, when it comes to casual sex, appearance matters just as much for men as it does for women.

 I  am going to tell you a story about my friend “Billy”. He is your average twenty-three year old guy.  Sex is on his brain a lot. Like most men his age, Billy is as shallow as a teaspoon.

Billy and I were once more than just friends. We “explored” each other on an occasion or two. It didn’t work out for various reasons, but he wasn’t worth keeping around for three particular reasons. First he smelt. He had a very strong musty smell. He smelt like damp linen, it was very obtrusive and suffocating. It made me want to run out of the room and I can imagine that it made countless of other women want to do the same. Second, he is a one-minute-man. His performance was focused around his gratification.  His inability to last longer than sixty seconds made me laugh into the pillow.

One random day after I had not heard from Billy in a month or two, he sent me a text asking me if he had a small penis. Reason number three why Billy could not develop a committed relationship or a lasting casual sex arrangement: he is not well endowed. Personally, I did not want to deal with a guy who was not adequately equipped in that area.  I did not care enough about him to empathize with his inadequacies. Casual sex was supposed to be fun and easy with no imperfections. He became a joke in my circle of friends.

This is what I should have said to Billy if I cared enough, “Billy, you have a very small dick.  You should not have casual sex with random strangers. The size of your dick is the reason why, myself as well as other women did not pursue anything more with you.No woman wants to deal with a man that has the penis the size of a thumb. Billy you should take the time to date and get to know the woman first. Make an emotional connection with her, and then have sex with her.”

There is a small part of me that pities him, a tiny part of me that wants to tell him that he’ll meet someone who will accept him and his small dick. But I just can’t. When it comes to casual sex for men and women alike the outward appearance is what matters.

Why put yourself through all of that humiliation?



13 thoughts on “Does size matter to women when it comes to casual sex?”

  1. LOL. I thought this blog was funny. And interesting because usually it seems like women are the ones who have to worry about physical imperfections.

  2. Reblogged this on Sexpectations89 and commented:

    Size does matter when it comes down to casual sex. If I don’t know you then I don’t care to deal with your “lack of size,” and I don’t care why you can’t perform for longer than five minutes. Nothing compels me to care because I don’t know you.

  3. Hello Kelsey, I am perhaps a bit inexperienced with such matters (and therefore may be coming across as hideously naive), but I’m a little confused with the author’s point of view here. If she claims that “Billy” is her friend, then surely there must be some level of emotional attachment in place (even before the sexual explorations). Also, as a friend, the author appears to stand at the balanced viewpoint of being able to offer (for lack of a better phrase) “objective critique” even if it must be on his physical maintenance. The fact that he requested her opinion seems to think that he would value her feedback. Rather analogous to a girl telling her friend that she should not wear a certain dress because it does not flatter her. Has the casual sex removed them from the friendship so far that they must not bother about the underlying friendship?

    1. Thank you for commenting :).. This story is actually about me lol… I could say I have had a lot of guy friends but I would be lying because I had sex with everyone of them and for me, it did change the relationship. Sex changes friendship, and maybe I did make the context of what happened clearly. I want to thank you for your question and now I will respond. ( Cracks Knuckles). I knew Billy maybe a month or two, I met him at a bar, he was a friend of my friends. He was attracted to me, he wanted to do me but I was trying to change my life so at first I said no. We hung out three times maybe without sex, and then we did have sex and I stopped caring, switch went off in my brain this guy was no good in bed and I wasn’t best buds with him. Telling him about the size of his small penis would make me feel uncomfortable, and at that time I did not want to inconvenience myself. As far as emotional attachment there was none because I don’t get attached, but I’m lying, I felt a twinge of emotion for him but not enough to do anything about. I just turned my back and walked away.

      1. Oh…I understand it better now. I perhaps misread too deeply into the friendship, when you were perhaps implying a distant acquaintance. I also like how you were honest with your feelings, but I think I have a better understanding of this article’s perspective. Thank you so much Kelsey for explaining it to me (I sincerely hope I wasn’t an inconvenience).

      2. My goodness, Kelsey, I seem to be trawling through your blog generating “conversation” everywhere. But thank you for letting me! It’s my pleasure to comment on your work. 😀

    1. Thank you, its good that I clarify. Either way sex usually changes the friendship for worse. Someone inevitably catches feeling, feels used, its never the same.. Its not a good idea if you want to keep that friend, I’m sure for some it works but for the majority of friendships getting sex involved is not a good idea.

      1. I agree with you here. I don’t mean to sound preachy or like a prude, but I’ve seen a lot of my friends suffer from the emotional consequences of a college hook-up culture and there have been instances where it’s been hard to explain to them why sex with a friend and without emotional commitment is a bad idea. Thank you so much for your response Kelsey!

  4. I remember this beautiful girl, it was a casual encounter, and she had the honesty to tell me “it’s a bit small” and the heart to add “don’t worry we will have fun”.

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